Cross-chain Synthetic Assets Money Market Protocol

Enable composable DeFi across blockchains. Use your assets on any chain you want, without bridging your native assets across.
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Your money is stuck on one chain, making it unusable on another chain ?

Bridging your funds across chains is risky, costly, comes with non-native assets, requires using multiple dApps to get it done and comes with uncertain liquidity ?

You don’t have to go through all of that with Sumer.Money 
Enjoy a frictionless & safe experience, all in our single dApp.


su Tokens are your Travelers' checks when you travel across chains

Your Funds are Safe and Uncensorable

  • Decentralized asset routing network
  • Threshold signature based cryptography
  • Low transfer fees
  • Non-custodial wallets
  • Blackswan insurance
  • Fast Inter-blockchain settlement


Deposit supported Assets on any chain Sumer operates
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Mint cross-chain fungible synthetic assets including stable coin, major cryptos and more.
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Trade, borrow, collaterize, farm or spend the synthetic assets across multiple chains.
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Q3 2022
1. Beta Mainnet of the Synthetic Asset Protocol
2. Liquidity pool launch on major DEXes - Synthetic Assets
Q4 2022
1. Governance Token and Liquidity Mining Launch
2. Integrate Sumer Protocol with additional chains
Q1 2023
1. More Trading Pairs and Expand Ecosystem
2. More dApp partnerships

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Xiaohan Zhu
Founder and CEO
Akay Behchet
Chief Marketing Officer
Simon Zhang
Engineering, Dev Ops
Young Yu
Architecture, Engineering




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Sumer Token

Staking for transaction fees, insurance and governance
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